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Jim Muehling was born & raised in Florissant, MO and is a proud De Smet High School Alumni. Jim completed his first bathroom remodel at the age of 16 and never looked back. While working in the construction industry, full time after high school, he completed his bachelors degree from University of Missouri St Louis with a major in finance. Jim had a passion for construction and started JR Muehling Construction in 1992. He believes in doing the job right the first time and does not take any short cuts. He believes in the saying,"If you don't have time to do it right, how are you going to have time to do it over?" He is also a self proclaimed perfectionist and expects the same quality of workmanship from his employees. With a great response & rapport from previous clients, JR Muehling Construction has grown over the last 26 years. The employees at JR Muehling Construction all have varied trade skills therefore, adding to the success. Also adding to our team, a great set of subcontractors who have the same beliefs in doing it right the first time. Jim enjoys being on the worksite digging foundations or swinging his hammer so much that you will see him from time to time helping out. Jim is very invested in the supervision and workmanship of every job completed by his company.


Over 26 years of experience as a company.

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